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Save Valuable Time - FREE Software Service

What system/software is the perfect fit for your application? If you are ready to purchase a system, our service will match your specific needs with a matrix of over 75 Production / Quality systems on the market including Production-based, SCADA-based, and desktop analytical software programs. We'll save you time, do the legwork for you and narrow it down to the perfect fit for your needs and application.

Some Background

Automated Production/Quality systems have weathered many technical & cultural storms since the introduction of the personal computer (PC) and the subsequent proliferation of many application software programs. These applications covered the gamut including but not limited to: Supplier Management & Control, Production Management & MRP/ERP, Job Scheduling & Inventory Control, Process Control, Statistical Process Control, Document Control, Customer Relationship Management, Complaint Tracking & CAPA Management, Compliance Management/Auditing, Tool & Gage Management, Preventative Maintenance, and Accounting/Billing/General Ledger. The result yielded hundreds of vendors offering these applications. Eventually, end-user companies found themselves with a multitude of the above "point solutions" - each one purchased from a different vendor. Each program had its own learning curve. Some software vendors provided a menu of the above modules, yet still used a unique user interface and architecture in each product offering. (In some of these cases the software code was purchased from other failing software companies.) Finally, "integration" was accomplished by importing & exporting spreadsheet-compatible files between software programs or by double & triple entry of data/information across programs. The thought of this tangled web above is mind-boggling to say the least.

Still today, there are over 75 systems/software firms that offer the entire gamut or some subset of the applications above. Moreover, many of these firms are "hidden" in the market, (they do little mass advertising) yet offer excellent products. Furthermore, some firms offer a unique architecture/platform tailored toward specific needs, applications, and market segments.

Who are we and where are we coming from?

The key principal has spent 40 years in the "Production/Quality" discipline as both a vendor of systems and an end-user. On the vendor side, he worked for four (4) Production/Quality Systems vendors in sales, support, and training & implementation roles. As an end-user, he worked for various companies as Quality Director, Quality Manager, and Internal Auditor. His experiences have also resulted in published articles in several trade journals. The services offered include interviews with key principals, use of extensive market research, customer surveys, and customer feedback. Several automated algorithms are also used to extract & match specific user needs with software functionality. There are other websites/companies that offer a similar free service. However, their focus is spread-out over hundreds of disciplines and functional areas - Accounting, Project Planning/Estimating, Call Center, Construction, Legal Services, HR Services, Fleet Management, etc. Within a 5-or-10-minute phone call, they can recommend a software program to buy. Our focus is strictly in the "Production/Quality" niche. We will spend more than 5 or 10 minutes with our detailed needs assessment, but our goal is to produce the perfect fit for your application.

Some Common Observations & Myths

  • The more features/functions, the better the product. Many sales folks will tell you their system will do everything from "A to Z". That's nice except you may only need "A thru E". The rest of the features are fine but will never be used.
  • Just because systems/software firms don't advertise in the major trade journals, doesn't mean they don't exist. Many firms don't see the need or the ROI for this promotional tactic. Our matrix consists of 75 systems/software firms - some of which are out-of-business! Yes, we list and monitor these firms because in many instances the source code & intellectual property magically appears with another firm. This traceability is important especially when evaluating how the buying firm integrates the different technologies together.
  • The software is user-friendly! All vendors say that. Well, we hope so! They wouldn't be in business if the software was difficult to use. We'll just toss this aside and maintain neutrality.
  • The software firm was the "first" to market or the "only" firm to offer ______. After many years of analysis, it's difficult to put a date/time stamp on any "first" and we've seen multiple firms claim they are the "only" company to offer a specific function or calculation.
  • This is a Free service. What's the catch? This is a matching service. If a sale is made, we will negotiate a sales commission or broker fee with the software vendor. The market research, customer surveys, and automated algorithms are sunk costs accrued over many years.

Getting Started

How does this work? How do I get the ball rolling? It's quite simple and best of all - it's FREE AND TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL! We'll email you a spreadsheet listing select functions/features. You simply rate & weight each one using a numerical scale. Then, provide some additional information on your company and needs in the spreadsheet as well. Save the spreadsheet and email it back to us. We will then access our market research, customer surveys, customer testimonials and run several algorithms to extract significant matching data - your unique needs vs vendor capabilities. We may also have some phone / email exchanges with the software vendor and end-users to clarify any issues. Finally, we'll reply with the result - The perfect fit for your application. If this doesn't result in a marriage, don't worry there will be a few other vendors that grade out close to the first one. We can send them to you one at a time. We do not consider the price of the software. There are companies that offer free pricing guides for various software products. Those pricing guides are obsolete the day they are created. Also, pricing models & tactics change more often than the weather.

In summary, to get started:

  1. Send an email request to QualitySystemsSelect@gmail.com and state in the Subject line: "Quality Systems Matching".
  2. Be sure and include your name, company name, address, and contact phone number.
  3. Feel free to list any unique or specific requirements for your system/software.
  4. We will reply with our needs assessment spreadsheet for you to complete and send back to us.
  5. We will follow through with the PERFECT FIT for your application.

That's it! We look forward to hearing from you!

Client Examples

How do you select a Quality system that's just right for you?
This Free Service may help.

Client Examples

This FREE service will match your specific needs with the right system/software. The service takes advantage of market research, customer surveys, customer testimonials and several algorithms to extract significant matching data - your unique needs vs vendor capabilities. This will save you time, do the legwork for you and narrow it down to the chosen few. The input needed for this algorithm is a completed spreadsheet provided for you to rate & weight many needs & functions using a numerical scale and to input some complementary data. Once complete, our services will do the rest - match your company's needs with the perfect fit.

Discrete Part / Automotive & Steel

In the first example, the client was a discrete part manufacturer in the automotive & steel industries. Their primary need was for a Production-based management system, with real-time SPC integration. Other needs included Document Control, Tool & Gauge Management, and Preventative Maintenance. They did not rate Supplier Management and Compliance Management, which may mean they had systems in place for those functions. Vendor "CN1" scored as the best match for this client with several others close behind. Keep in mind, other discrete part manufacturers in the automotive & steel industry could get quite different results depending upon their "specific" needs.

Process/SCADA-based / Chemicals / FDA Regulations

In the next example, the client's functionality was process oriented as opposed to discrete part with an emphasis in chemicals and liquids with FDA regulations. Their primary need was for a Process/SCADA-based management system, with real-time SPC integration. Other needs included Supplier Management, CRM and Compliance management. They did not rate Document Control, Tool & Gauge Management, or Preventative Maintenance as primary needs. Vendor "CJ1" was the best fit with Vendor "F1" close behind.

Ad-hoc / Desktop Analytical

In the final example, this client's functionality was focused more on ad-hoc desktop analytical needs rather than online functions on the production floor. These include Document Control, CRM & Complaint Tracking, CAPA Management, Compliance Management, Auditing Management, and Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). Several Vendors scored well with Vendor "CD1" coming out on top as the perfect fit for this client.

Each company may have their own, unique set of needs - industry-specific or company specific. Our services and algorithms can help sort things out and save you a lot of time.

To get started, click on our "Getting Started" page and we will transmit our needs assessment spreadsheet right away.